An Interview with Jayakrishnan T, IEEE Member and CEO, Asimov Robotics

23rd October 2018 | By Mouseworld Now Correspondent |
Jayakrishnan T,  CEO,   Asimov Robotics

Jayakrishnan T
CEO, Asimov Robotics

In this exclusive interview to Mouseworld Now, Jayakrishnan T, IEEE Member and CEO, Asimov Robotics puts forth an in-depth perspective on modern robotics, how it impacts modern life, how it is poised to revolutionize healthcare in India, business challenges and opportunities for the robotics industry, and, last but not least, the key sectors that are most likely to be impacted by the developments in the field of robotics. Edited Excerpts…

Q. 1.  Off late, robotics has come to impact modern life in a big way. How is it going to revolutionize healthcare in India?

Ans: in most of the cases, revolution happens when there is perfect match making between the pressing issues and practically viable solutions. Robotics applied to heath care is also no different fro has become a pressing issue due to ageing population and increasing life-style aliments and other deceases. Same time, technology like robotics has grown to a level of maturity that it is able to come up with practical solutions to these problems.

Let’s look at India in this context.

a) In India we don’t have shortage of health issues. Millions of people do not have access to the basic health care /medical care even.
b) Ageing population is not considered as an issue in India when it comes to the ratio between old and young. But is an issue when think about it along with our increasing population. Additionally, youth is either finding it difficult to get time or they are disinterested in general caregiving. The increasing number of old age homes are proof for this.

Considering the above two aspects, robotic health care has a good future in India. However, the affordability and lack of indigenous solutions are the two short-term aspects working against it.

In the coming years, we are certainly going to see a dramatic improvement all over the world in applying robotic healthcare which will soon be followed by Indian market.

Q. 2. Has robotics already become a very important part of healthcare in India? If yes, how and where is it being used?

Ans: I would say in case of medical care yes. Because healthcare is a more broader term. In India, now we can see there is a tremendous increase in the number of robots being used for laparoscopic surgery automated Pharma etc.

There are also supplementary technologies like AI and Machine vision used in the diagnostics as well.

Q. 3. Can you please detail us about the Sayabot Home-Doc and its major uses. How will it benefit healthcare?

Ans: SAYABOT-HomeDoc can be used in hospitals/home as well as setting-up autonomous clinics. First-level AI-ML based consultation and the possibility a getting further consultation by a medical team remotely through telepresence makes it an excellent choice for remote areas.

Sayabot-HomeDoc can be alongside with disabled/elderly/sick to give reliable and friendly assistance that compliments their disability. The services include 24×7 monitoring, dispensing medicines, patient engagement, support for walking and falling assistance, initiating crisis alert and enabling remote accessibility.

Q. 3. Which other industries do you think will offer robotics a major role to play in the near future?

Ans: Personal and professional services are the areas where robotics can play a major role in the coming years.

Low volume manufacturing, Logistics, Heath care, Defence & security, Agriculture , Construction are the industries which are going to get benefitted in the same order.

Q. 4.  What are the major challenges that robotics, as an industry, is facing in India?

Ans: The major difficulties we face as an industry based out of India are

a) Difficulty in getting quality spare parts locally
b) Issues related to import policies and duty rates
c) Lack of advanced manufacturing infrastructure
d) Premature market: customers need to be educated on the potential application of the product cause longer sales cycles
e) Radically high investment requirement for scaling up.

Q. 5.  Please tell us about the opportunities awaiting robotics in the India market.

The opportunities for robotics in India market has to be thought along with of our economic growth, changes social and cultural background and government policies time to time. Currently affordability and awareness are the two hurdles.

Since the recent policy amendments in connection with MAKE IN INDIA campaign etc are highly encouraging, low-volume manufacturing sector is big business opportunity here. The growing demand of 3D printers are good example to it.

Advancement in E-commerce and since world players have entered the Indian market, Logistics is going to be the next big thing in terms of robotic application in India.

Thirdly due to the growing population and shortage in supply/resources, Healthcare and Agriculture robotics will be of high demand.

For the other areas like defence and construction, India will continue to depend on imported technology for few more years.

Q. 6.  Where do you see healthcare in the next five years?

Ans: There is a huge deficit of medical care and practitioners in today’s world. The need is going to get accumulated over the years. You can also see, specialisation is main focus among the practitioners which will worsen the problem further. So we think Robotics is the only solution to healthcare and it is a huge opportunity. Hospitals will be increasingly become as super-speciality hospitals. There will be only ICUs in the hospitals rather than in-patient treatment for general aliments.

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