“Channel business has been key market strategy for us in India as well as globally”- Vijender Yadav, Director and CTO, Propalms

6th July 2013 | By Mouseworld Now Correspondent |

PROPALMS-DIRECTOR-AND-CTO-VIJENDRA-YADAVAfter Mr. Vijender Yadav took over as Director and CTO, Propalms,  there has been notable traction in business. In an exclusive interview to Mouseworld Now, Mr. Vijender Yadav reveals his business priorities, plans, message to the channel community and much more. Here are the edited excerpts…

Q. Would you please give a brief introduction on Propalms and the various products it deals in?

Ans. Propalms is a leading provider of application delivery and secure remote access solutions for Terminal Services, Application irtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures. Propalms provides a unique solution suite that helps organizations of any size to increase efficiency of their business processes and productivity of their users & resources by making the corporate applications, data and network services available anytime, anywhere to any device. Propalms’s solution suite includes Propalms TSE for application virtualization and Shared Hosted Desktops based VDI over Microsoft Terminal Services, Propalms OneGate for Secure Remote Access and Propalms VDI for Virtual Desktop delivery using hypervisor from VMWare, Microsoft (HyperV), RedHat (KVM) & Parallels (PVC).

Product Portfolio

Propalms Pano Logic Zero Clients:
The Pano Logic zero client VDI platforms are a complete end-to-end solution built for desktop virtualization, simplifying the complexity in management of virtual desktops and slashing TCO by as much as 80 per cent. The heart of the Pano System is the Pano G2 Zero Client, a whole new class of desktop computing hardware. Pano endpoints are referred to as “zero clients” because, unlike
traditional thin clients, they have no CPU, no memory, no operating system, no drivers, no software and no moving parts.
Pano Zero Clients simply connect peripheral input-output devices – a keyboard, mouse, up to two DVI and VGA displays, and audio output – along with other USB peripherals to a virtualized Microsoft Windows desktop virtual machine and the Pano Controller for VDI running on a hypervisor server in your data center.

Propalms TSE – Application Presentation Virtualization: Propalms TSE is a complete Server Based Management solution that extends Microsoft Terminal Services 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 offering features such as Application Publishing, Shared hosted desktop, Virtual Desktop Broker, Seamless Windows, Resource based Load Balancing, Simple Web based Management, Session Management, Server Health Monitoring, Reporting, Virtual IP, Single Port Relay, Universal Print Driver, Application Access via Desktop Shortcut, Windows Start Menu or Browser-based Application LaunchPad.

Propalms OneGate – Secure Application Access Gateway: Propalms OneGate is an secure application access gateway that provides remote access to the applications using standards based SSL encryption. OneGate simplifies the application access scenario by combining multiple technologies onto a single platform. At the outset, OneGate provides a single portal based access to published applications that the user is allowed to access based on her role in the organization. On the OneGate portal, user can access virtualized applications and desktops delivered from Propalms’ own TSE & VDI product; web based applications, terminal based applications, shared files and folders and even locally installed client-server applications. Strong two factor authentication and granular authorization control of OneGate ensures highly secure application delivery platform.

Propalms VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Propalms VDI is a Management and Connection Brokering solution for Virtual Desktop deployment across the enterprise. Propalms VDI provides an end to end solution to virtual desktop and application delivery. Using Propalms VDI you can deliver virtual desktops to users, deliver applications to virtual desktops, automate tasks inside virtual desktops and have full monitoring and management control from a central management console. The current version of VDI has been developed in conjunction with Parallels Virtuozzo VDI, offering the most cost effective VDI solution on the market.

Q. There is a huge demand in India for application delivery and secure remote access solutions for Terminal Services, Application Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures. How has been your experience in the Indian market?

Ans. Network and Remote Access is key to enterprise growth and business continuity. Enterprises are adopting cloud based data-centers with the idea of making their applications highly available across geographies. With broadband & mobile Internet (data-cards) providing reliable Internet connections, enterprises are more confident of getting productive work done over cheaper broadband lines. Enterprises are also more open to VDI, BYOD, Work from home concepts and hence enterprises are making their remote access infrastructure more available as more easy to access. CIO’s sees more no. of personal devices getting connected to the network
and they are looking at MDM solutions, access control within network and BYOD enabling solutions. Remote access has been always there but it was limited to trusted devices with IT managing these devices. The BYOD & Work from anywhere concept is catching with IT teams giving remote access to applications from user’s personal devices. Remote access is also enabling centralization of applications & data to cloud and corporate data-center. So organizations are looking at having modern and flexible remote access gears.

Q. What is unique about Propalm Products? How is it poised vis-à-vis major competitions in the market?

Ans. Propalms provide highly cost effective software solutions alternative to market leaders like Citrix, Cisco, Juniper, others. Our vision is to create a single integrated product for all application delivery and secure remote access needs of SMBs. Our solutions start with 5 users and can scale up to 50,000 users. Our customers love the simplicity of the solutions and the low TCO of our solutions compared to the giants providing too many functionalities at a higher cost which is not needed by SMBs and SMEs. Our support center is placed in India and we provide direct 24×7 support to our customers.

Q. Where do you want Propalms to reach in the next 5 years?

Ans. 2013 is the year for Propalms. We have just surpassed all our global revenue targets and in the first 6 months of 2013, we have already grown 500%. We have acquired zero client vendor Pano logic and with that we have now a complete end to end application virtualization and secure remote access solution. Couple more acquisitions are in pipeline. In next 5 years, we are targeting to become the world’s leading vendor for this space.

Q. Would you please detail on the Propalms TSE and Propalms VDI as major propalms products?

Ans. Our major products are Propalms TSE, OneGate and Pano Logic. We have around 4000+ customer globally and 200+ customers in India using Propalms TSE and OneGate product.

Pano Logic is our latest entrant in our product family. Pano Logic is deployed across 600+ customers majorly in US. The customer list includes many fortune 500 companies, federal government bodies, hospitals and universities. Pano Logic is a real PC killer as it provides the same processing power of a PC but with least resource utilizations. The security and the management benefits of Pano Logic zero clients are immense. OneGate and TSE combination facilitates easy BYOD without all the risks associated with
connecting personal devices to network. TSE delivers corporate workspace to user’s personal device and OneGate make sure the user has access to this virtual infrastructure anywhere anytime.

Q. Recently, Propalm had launched OneGate 4.0 Application Access Gateway to provide secure access for enterprises. How has it been received among Indian enterprises community?

Ans. OneGate is already in use by several large customers in India, including DTDC, Thermax, Deepak Fertilizers, and several nationalized banks. The solution when combined with TSE offers a unique virtual workspace scenario and our partners love it. The solution provides a highly simple remote access infrastructure and the TCO is very low.

Q. With the cloud computing market fast catching up in India, how encouraging the trend has been for Propalms? Any initiative from you to turbo-charge it?

Ans. Typically enterprises have been using closed loop data-center, i.e. collocation facilities. But real cloud computing is not a closed loop. It involves an infrastructure that Enterprise does not control; more over it is more open than ever. If the enterprises have to reap benefits of cloud computing, they need to make sure the data and applications running in the cloud are secured with strong AAA features. OneGate is our offering to customers and a data-center provider who wants to capitalize the benefits of cloud computing. It is a single gateway that can enforce strong AAA capabilities when integrated with enterprise authentication infrastructure deployed onsite or in cloud. It avoids the complexities of setting up a VPN with cloud service providers where the options are mostly very limited.

Q. What is the total size of the application delivery and secure remote access solutions market in India? To what size is it expected to grow by 2020?

Ans. OneGate targets secure remote access market; the market size is around 30 million USD and will grow at CAGR of 14%. As per Gartner, VDI market globally is estimated to grow to 65 billion in couple of years.

Q. Would you please reflect upon the current trends in the secure remote access solutions market?

Ans. Most of the SMBs/SMEs with small roaming user population are happy with the remote access features available on the UTM devices that they use. But as the variety of devices and the use cases are increasing, customers are asking for more secure gears that can support multiple use cases with simplicity. BYOD, Smart phone / tablet access on the go, more security compliances are the drivers for better security gears.

Q. Would you please reflect upon your range and type of clientele in India and overseas?

Ans. Propalms has a installation base of 200+ customers in India across various business verticals like BFSI, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Logistics, Retail, Media, etc. Globally we have around 4000+ customers. Our customer base includes predominantly large enterprises and corporate. At the same time we have also been able to penetrate equally well in India’s SME market.

Q. What constitutes your key market strategy in India?

Ans. Channel business has been key market strategy for us in India as well as globally. We sell only through a distributor network. We provide all the necessary support to our channel partners so that they are enabled to sell and support our solutions.

Q. How many channel partners you have in India? In which zone you have the strongest retail presence and where you need to make serious improvements?

Ans. We got approximately 50 channel partners in India. We are well placed in West and South region. As of now, our business is restricted to metro cities. We foresee lot of business potential in Tier I and Tier II cities and newly developing Special Economic Zones in and around these cities. We are still to penetrate in those markets.

Q. Do you plan any significant channel expansion in near future?

Ans. In order to penetrate in these newly developed SEZ’s and Tier I and II cities, we are planning few of the marketing and channel expansion activities in these areas in near future. Our target for 2013 is to focus on the current partners and make sure we achieve our revenue and customer targets with them. We will continue to add quality partners to expand to new regions.

Q. What level of channel engagement happens at Propalm?

Ans. As an organization, we are closely engaged with our channel partners. Conducting regular channel enablement programs, joint marketing and branding activities with key channel partners, regular knowledge sharing activities to in order to keep our partners informed on developments front at organization level as well as in remote access market; are few of the things which we keep doing in order to enhance our channel engagement.

Q. Any special channel program that Propalm might have introduced in recent past?

Ans. Recently Propalms has launched new Reseller Program for FY 2013-2014. With new Reseller Program we are trying to completely restructure our channel network in order to attract better business focus from our channel partners in India. Also, this new channel program will assist us to achieve systematic channel growth.

Q. Your message to the channel community…

Ans. In today’s adverse market scenario it is very critical for any system integrator to reassess their customer approach. Traditional product sells approach can make them lose their loyal customers and effectively market share also. Therefore it is inevitable to think new innovative ways for bringing business value to customers table with the help of new technologies and solutions. Our channel partners have been able to achieve success in this space with the help of Propalms. We are committed to introduce new innovative technologies and solutions to market which can assist our channel partners to grow in any kind of market circumstances.


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