“End users are rapidly gaining knowledge of the PC components”- Kevan Li, Business Head – India, Antec Inc

8th July 2013 | By Mouseworld Now Correspondent |

Antec-Inc-Business-Head-India-Kevan LiAfter Mr. Kevan Li took over as Business Head – India, Antec Inc,  there has been notable traction in business. In an exclusive interview to Mouseworld Now,  Mr. Kevan Li reveals his business priorities, plans, message to the channel community and much more. Here are the edited excerpts…

Q.Would you please give a brief introduction on Antec and the various products it deals in?

Ans: Antec as a renowned global technology brand has a large number of products in its portfolio. The core business areas are PC Cabinets and Power supplies. Apart from these we also have desktop and laptop cooling solutions, accessories like CPU Water Coolers, Notebook Adapters, Case Cooling Fans, and Consumer product cleaning solutions under the Antec advance range.

Q. There is a huge demand in India for high-performance computer components and accessories for gaming and for PC upgrade. How has been your experience in the Indian market?

Ans: Antec has been the 1st Brand in 1986 to offer Quality PC Components to DIY, Enthusiasts and became a leading brand for Gaming segment globally. Gaming Segment has been significantly increasing in India as well, and the demand for the Quality Components has followed. So one of the main target audiences for Antec is also the Gaming segment, where we can offer them the best solution for Stable, Reliable at the same time Energy Saving built, where they can have the best gaming experience. We have also launched several models for cases and PSU to meet the price point of young gaming enthusiasts like the award winning X1, V1, One S3, GX700 for Cases, and BP and VP Series for PSU. Apart from that, we have also launched the Budget CPU Coolers like A20, A40 and C20, C40 to meet the best Gaming Experience yet at affordable prices.

Q.What is unique about Antec Products? How is it poised vis-à-vis major competitions in the market?

Ans: Over the Past 26 Years, Antec has followed and insisted on the VIP Philosophy (Value, Innovation, and Perfection) where Antec promises to deliver each customer a greater value, smarter innovation and unrelenting perfection of features and design of each product. Antec engineers continuously create, test, analyze, and re-evaluate in the relentless pursuit of a better solutions. Antec is dedicated to design each product to meet the needs of each user when it comes to Performance Computing, high efficiency, Continuous Power, Quiet Computing and reliability. Over the years, Antec products have received over 5,000 awards including design award, performance award, Best Choice Award, best product award around the world.

Antec has always been towards improving its products to continuously improve such attributes. In fact, Antec has been the “First” for many new innovations for the Power Supplies and Cases like:

  • First to Build the Black Color Case
  • First to have the Smart Fan for PC Power Supply
  • First with Power Supply Color BOX Packing.
  • First with Color LED Fan for Case and Power Supply
  • First with Continuous True Power Supply
  • First with Modular Cables Power Supply
  • First with Open Frame Case
  • First Power Supply to have the 80-Plus Certification
  • First to come out with DC to DC Power Supply
  • First Case with Quite Computing Philosophy

Q.Where do you want Antec to reach in the next 5 years?

Ans: Antec is a leading Brand in most of the countries worldwide, and we also aim to be a leading Brand in India.

Q.Would you please detail on the Antec Advance accessories line, and Antec Mobile Product (A.M.P)?

Ans: Antec’s new a.m.p. line would push the boundaries of “fashion technology” with exciting new audio and mobile accessory products.

Q. What are the service support concerns in the computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade markets?

Ans: After sales service is important for all kinds of electronics and PC Components, and we also ensure to meet the satisfaction of the end customers. Our Distributors have over 20 Branch Offices where the RMA swap can be done immediately.

Q.The Do-It-Yourself IT hardware market is fast catching up in India? How encouraging the trend has been for Antec? Any initiative from you to turbo-charge it?

Ans: As End users are rapidly gaining knowledge of the PC components, Specifications and information are also very transparent on the website. So the demand for Quality components are also picking up rapidly. So Antec has also been following this trend very closely. We’ve encouraged this trend by participating in gaming events and road shows across the country to make the end users aware about the product features which would be helpful to them while creating their own rig.

Q.What is the total size of the computer components and accessories for gaming market in India respectively? To what size is it expected to grow by 2020?

Ans: With the growing population of the age between 15 – 25 and the Gaming population, we expect to see a growth of 25% -35% each year at least for the next 5 years.

Q.Would you please reflect upon the current trends in the computer components market?

Ans: People are more aware about quality components and consequently the demand for high end gaming PC components is on the rise. Apart from that, the software and operating systems requirements are also demanding higher specification of the PC components which is becoming a standard of requirement for the end users.

Q.With gaming enthusiasts increasingly taking to Zynga and other web-sponsoredgaming avenues, is there a slump in gaming accessory sales? Any initiative from you to popularize gaming amongst youth?

Ans: PC Games still require basic installation on the PC before being able to play online or offline because of its high resolution graphic and speed, while all online games still focus on a simpler graphic. So it actually does not accept the Gaming components or accessories, in fact the demand has been escalating owing to the demand in PC Gaming, where even a Laptop specification cannot be fulfilled. And we’ve participated in gaming events like BYOC to let the Indian Gamers be aware of Antec entry and activeness in Indian Market.

Q.Would you please reflect upon your range and type of clientele in India as well?

Ans: We cater to a broad spectrum of computing users which includes Home PC users, gamers, high end tech enthusiasts, corporate, SMEs and even enterprises.

Q.What constitutes your key market strategy in India?

Ans: The consumers today are smart and well equipped to make their choices for IT products. Imparting product and technology knowledge through various avenues is the key. Antec continues to follow and insist on the VIP Philosophy (Value, Innovation, Perfection) where Antec promises to deliver each customer a greater value, smarter innovation and unrelenting perfection of features and design of each product. Apart from that, we also pay frequent visits to all the Channel partners to ensure they are updated with the latest information and education of Products to be able to provide additional value to their clients. Another key is to ensure reasonable margin to the channels, yet ensuring a affordable price to the end customers.

Q.How many channel partners you have in India? In which zone you have the strongest retail presence and where you need to make serious improvements?

Ans: With the recent announcement of Abacus Peripherals as our authorized distributor, we’ve increased our reach to cover a base of more than 3500 channel partners across India. We are further penetrating to C and D cities as well.

Q.Do you plan any significant channel expansion in near future?

Ans: Yes, channel expansion especially in the B, C & D class cities continues to be of importance to us.

Q.What level of channel engagement happens at Antec India?

Ans: We run various training programs for our channel partners to empower them to sell better. Also we have a regional sales team for continuous support to the channel partners. Various schemes and rebate programs are also regularly run in order to motivate the channel.

Q.Any special channel program that Antec might have introduced in recent past?

Ans: We continue doing some free Bundle programs for the channels and certain promotional programs.

Q.Your message to the channel community…

Ans: Our company philosophy of Value, Innovation and Perfection is not only applicable to our products but also is a core building block that nurtures our relationship with our channel partners. We believe in growth taking along all our partners ahead and ensuring mutually benefiting long term associations.


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