“Our strategy is to offer more and more communications services to the enterprise market”- Sanjay Aggarwal, CEO, Unicel Technologies

3rd September 2013 | By Mouseworld Now Correspondent |

Sanjay-Aggarwal-CEO-Unicel TechnologiesIn an exclusive interview to Mouseworld Now,  Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal, CEO, Unicel Technologies, reveals his business priorities, plans, and much more. Here are the edited excerpts…

Q.  What is unique about Unicel Products? How is it poised vis-à-vis major competitions in the market?

Ans. Unicel provides integrated communications services across SMS, Voice, USSD, and Email over a cloud-based platform.  Our services are unique for several reasons.  First, all the services are offered in a single integrated platform, so it makes it very easy for users to switch between media as per their requirement.  Second, we have developed a highly self-service user interface that is both very easy to use, and gives users full control of how to configure and use their accounts without having to rely on Unicel for every small change.  Finally, we are the only vendor who has operator-level integration of our services, which allows us to provide the highest SLAs in the market.  Most of our historic competitors on the SMS side have actually decided to shift into a new business altogether, namely mobile marketing, We are the only major player in the market focusing on the broader cloud communications market.

Q.  Recently, a lot of movement has been noticed in your organization. Why are you shifting your company’s positioning from a EMS specialist to a Cloud communications specialist almost after a decade?

Ans. We have actually always been a cloud communications provider, though it so happened that for a long time users were mostly focused on SMS as a communications platform.  So we positioned ourselves mostly around messaging.  However, as the market changes, and user requirements change, it is important to evolve the business focus.  So over time, we have been developing a a more full suite of communications services, such that now we can confidently position ourselves as a full-service cloud communications provider.

Q.  Was it a business led or technology-led decision?

Ans. This was driven by both business and technology.  On the business side, we can see that customers are looking for more capabilities from their communications partner.  On the technology side, we have been upgrading our platform in the anticipation that the market requirements will change.  Fortunately we have been able to bring both aspects together at the same time to be well-positioned to meet the market opportunity.

Q.  Fast changes in the technology space or business compulsions have often forced organizations to make changes in their positioning and focus.  Which technological advancements or business opportunities have led to the recent shifts at Unicel?

Ans. On the business side, customers are looking for new and better ways to reach their audience.  This has been driven partly by commercial issues, as SMS costs have increased over the last few years, and partly by effectiveness issues.  It is important that businesses are able to reach and engage with their audience, and they are realizing that while SMS can be incredibly powerful as a tool, services like voice, email, and USSD have many strengths that can complement SMS.  For example, voice services can have a more personal touch than SMS and can enable more interactive communications.  Email provides a much richer communication mode, and the expansion of smartphone penetration has made email access much more widely available.  USSD also enables great interactivity, and can be highly cost effective.

On the technology side, to deliver a strong cloud communications services, the back-end systems must by highly reliable and flexible to be able to meet the customer requirement while simultaneously being able to service thousands of customers at a time with no degradation in performance.  This is not that simple, but as cloud technologies have evolved in the last few years, people have figured out how to do this. We took a decision 3 years ago to completely revamp our technology platform with this goal in mind, and we are now seeing the dividends from that investment.

Q.  How is this shift going to help Unicel attain its business goals?

Ans. Unicel has always been recognized as the market leader for innovation in our market.  This shift will allow us to continue to lead the market with innovative services and continue to keep a few steps ahead of the competition.  Our goal is always to set the benchmark for our market, and this shift is an important way that we can continue to do that.

Q.  As a leading player in the cloud communications space in India, what are the main trends that you see in this industry?  Any initiative from Unicel to turbo-charge it?

Ans. The business trends are mostly around finding ways to reach your audience in more effective ways, while remaining flexible and continuing to control costs.  We are trying to help business realize that goal by being on the forefront of how best to deliver on that objective.

Q.  What is the total size of the wireless enterprise mobility solutions market in India? What is Unicel’s share in it?

Ans. The cloud communications market in India is approximately 1000 Cr annually, growing at more than 30% annually.  We have a 15% market share in our target market segments.

Q.  Any awards that might have come your way…like best IT implementation awards etc.?

Ans. We have always kept a low key profile, and have not sought out such awards.  However, we are a finalist this year for the Red Herring Top 100 technology companies in Asia..

Q.  What constitutes your key market strategy in India?

Ans. Our strategy is to offer more and more communications services to the enterprise market, while continuing our focus on innovation and the highest service quality.

Q.  Do you plan any significant business expansion in near future?

Ans. We have already been expanding our business through launching new products, so that will continue.

Q.  Your message to the channel community…

Ans. There is a very large channel community in India focusing on the SMS space.  We suggest all of our partners to also see how they can expand their scope of services.  The market is changing, and there is a great opportunity for them to service the new market requirements, and accordingly grow their own businesses.


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