“The Indian consumer is amongst the most research-oriented consumer in the world” – Sumit Goswami CEO ,Key Point technologies

9th September 2013 | By Mouseworld Now Correspondent |

CEO-Key-Point-technologies-Sumit-GoswamiIn an exclusive interview to Mouseworld Now,  Mr. Sumit Goswami CEO ,Key Point technologies, reveals his business priorities, plans, and much more. Here are the edited excerpts…

Q. KeyPoint Technologies is an interesting player in user interface technology, an adept in combining linguistics and computing technology to deliver new experiences to consumers. Would please tell us more about KeyPoint and its key products?

Ans: KeyPoint Technologies was founded in 2004 in Glasgow Scotland, which is well regarded as an ‘Epicenter of Linguistics’. KeyPoint Technologies is privately owned, and has its additional offices in India, Japan, China and the U.S. KeyPoint Technologies today is regarded as a trusted partner for OEMs, platform providers and developers.

KeyPoint Technologies’ revolutionary text input application – Adaptxt is the pinnacle of the usage of predictive input technology in the market today. Adaptxt’s smart keyboard application uses the latest advances in linguistic science and artificial intelligence to anticipate users’ meaning and makes human/machine interaction dramatically more enjoyable, personal and accurate.

It also provides accurate and relevant next word prediction, error-correction & word completion inputs by combining the best of artificial intelligence and computing technology.

Q. You are a trusted partner for OEMs, platform providers and developers; how much these have helped you to attain growth in this area?

Ans: At KeyPoint Technologies, our customers and strategic partners play a vital role in our success. By aligning strategically with a diverse group of industry-leading technology providers, KeyPoint Technologies is able to deliver a world-class extensible, customized and personalized input technology to leading manufacturers of connected devices. Through our OEM customers, we have been able to offer a text input user experience across devices, which is fun, enjoyable and accurate.

Q. Would you please reflect upon your R&D work? How many patents the company has been granted yet?

Ans: At KeyPoint Technologies, research and innovation have always been our focus and we continuously strive to improve our quality and introduce new features and products. We have two patents granted and multiple patents pending for approval across different product lines.

Q. Please brief us on your global operational presence.

Ans: We are headquartered at Glasgow, Scotland. Our office at Glasgow is also our headquarters for linguistics. Our research and development center is located at Hyderabad, India. We have sales and marketing offices at San Jose, USA; Shanghai, China and Tokyo, Japan.

Q. Given that you operate in a very niche area of IT, how do you see its prospects in India?

Ans: India is the next technology hub of the world, and offers a very dynamic market, which is always enthusiastic towards the acceptance of new-age mobility solutions. It is the second biggest mobile phone market in the world, and one of the top smartphone markets, as well. In its current surge, it will soon become the #1 mobile phone market, and thus is regarded by the top application developers as the most strategic business destination.

It is true that Adaptxt operates in a niche IT area. It is our technical acumen and product orientation, which has helped us in creating consumer-oriented applications for the Indian market. It is this product excellence has helped become one of the top text input solutions in the market today.

The Indian consumer is amongst the most research-oriented consumer in the world, and always has an eye towards the cutting-edge product & service line. This is one of the many reasons that applications like Adaptxt are finding success in the dynamic Indian mobile market.

Q. Where would your organization like to be by 2020?

Ans: As we move closer to 2020, there will be a massive proliferation of connected devices, apps and data. To ensure a simple and smooth communication between human beings, devices and applications, it will be important to understand, analyze and customize data to offer meaningful, personal and accurate communication. With our linguistic capability and continuous innovation, we will be ready to support the connected world of 2020.

Q. KeyPoint Technologies’ Adaptxt® smart keyboard app has created a buzz in the industry. Please tell us more about it, its key features, TG and availability.

Ans: Adaptxt’s key features include:

Language dictionaries:

These dictionaries work simultaneously and provide multilingual suggestions to users who need to move quickly between different languages during text input. Each dictionary comes with a language specific on-screen keyboard.

Industry-specific dictionaries:

Adaptxt has a bank of 35 industry specific dictionaries which provide industry-specific terminology, acronyms, company names and web addresses. They cater to different professional sectors such as Medicine, Business, Law, Finance, and IT & Telecom. These dictionaries are also available in multiple languages, and have over 2000 words each.

SMS dictionaries:

Adaptxt’s SMS dictionaries predict SMS shortcuts which helps users to quickly communicate in their SMS language. It also provides more than 3,000 shorthand abbreviations – such as lol, btw, gr8 and every1 – to make composing and sending text messages faster while keeping them from exceeding the 160-character limit.

Better Adaptation Skills:

In Adaptxt while one types, it learns and adapts to the specific writing style, to provide the user with personalized suggestions. Reducing keystrokes, Adaptxt makes communication faster, easier and to-the-point.

Real time Keyboard Customization:

Adaptxt keyboard customization helps the users to create his own keyboard by changing key Shape, key height, Font type, colours and many more. It also features Photo Background feature wherein Android users can set their favourite photos as background to their chat communications, and can experience the updated key shapes feature.

Post to Social:

Adaptxt keyboard provides a “Post to Social” dedicated key on the keyboard which helps users to share their message on to their social profiles directly from keyboard.

Adaptxt’s key features include:

In-app Installation: All language and technical dictionary add-ons can be installed directly from the Add-on Manager.

Enhanced Keyboard Layouts: The split keyboard makes two-thumb typing a breeze. Also is available in various layout options.

Shake Feature:Shake device to switch between split keyboard and standard keyboard layouts.

Repositionable Suggestion Bar: One can place the Suggestion Bar above the keyboard or below the keyboard to suit their personal typing style.

Handwriting Recognition: Slide finger on the keyboard in the form of the required character and it will be entered in the text-box.

Personalization Features: Provides personalization features like Smart multiple language word prediction and error correction along with language specific keyboard layouts.

ATR (Automatic Text Replacement): Creates shortcuts for commonly used text and phrases.

Q. Who are your principal competitors?

Ans: There are many text input providers who compete with us globally and there are some local players in the Indian market as well. In terms of our language coverage with support for 94 languages, we are the market leaders.

Q. How has the Indian customers responded to your products so far? What broad market strategy you have or plan to have to penetrate the market to promote your brand?

Ans:The Indian market has responded extremely well to our product and in fact within a short span of one year we have managed to sign long term strategic deals with three large Indian OEMs. India is also our second largest markets in terms of direct to consumer downloads.


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