ASUS launches ASUS ZenWatch at IFA 2014

3rd September 2014 | By Mouseworld Now Correspondent |

ASUS ZenWatchMumbai, 3rdSeptember, 2014 — ASUS today announced ZenWatch, its first wearable device powered by Android Wear and produced in partnership with Google. ZenWatch is an exquisitely-crafted watch that seamlessly pairs with an Android smartphone to provide relevant and useful information when it is needed most, and serve as a personal wellness manager.

ZenWatch follows the tradition of fine watchmaking with its stylish, detail-focused design and use of high quality materials. Its curved glass and case that follows the contour of the wrist, combined with a premium, stitched-leather strap with unique clasp, results in a design that is both comfortable and elegant. ZenWatch comes with a wide selection of instantly-changeable watch faces to fit any style or mood.

As a smart companion for Android phones, ZenWatch provides timely information at a glance and lets you get stuff done with a simple touch or voice command. ZenWatch brings the beauty and ease of use of the ASUS ZenUI mobile user interface to an Android wearable for the first time. Users of ASUS smartphones can enjoy seamless integration with ZenUI on their phones, and experience exclusive ZenUI apps like What’s Next and Do It Later in ways that are more convenient and powerful than ever.

Combining sophisticated sensors with all-day comfort, ZenWatch is also a personalwellness manager that tracks a variety ofwellness statistics, such as heart rate,step counts, and relaxation levels to help users keep their lives in balance and achieve personal fitness goals.

Fine watch craftsmanship
Employing the attention to detail and level of craftsmanship found in luxury watches, ASUS ZenWatch brings the tradition of fine watchmaking to Android wearables The durable stainless-steel case features an attractive layered design composed of a striking rose-gold-colored band insetbetween two steel layers.

The case is curved for increased comfort and a stylish look, and the watch face is covered with a layer of curved glass that increases usability by providing a smooth surface for easy and responsive swiping gestures.

The soft, genuine stitched-leather watchband provides all-day comfort and features a uniqueclasp design that makes ZenWatch easy to put on and remove.ZenWatch has a universal design that comfortably accommodates a wide range of wrist shapes and sizes.

Complementing its physical design, ZenWatch comes with a selection of instantly-changeable software watch faces. The variety of available designs lets users easily customize their watch to fit any style, mood, or occasion, such as using a traditional, elegant watch face for work or a night out, or changing to a more playful design for use during leisure time.

Smart companion
ASUS ZenWatch is compatible with all smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher, providing users with a convenient window to view incoming calls, messages, notifications, and other important information, without having to remove their phone from their pocket or bag.

When paired with the ASUS ZenWatch Manager smartphone app, ZenWatch provides enhanced smartphone integration, the ability to configure each ASUS watch face on the phone, and advancedfeatures including ASUS ZenUI integration(on ASUS smartphones), Watch Unlock,TapTap, Cover to Mute, and Find My Phone.Two additional features, Remote Camera and Presentation Control are available by using ZenWatch with the ASUS Remote Camera and ASUS Remote Link smartphone apps.

ZenWatch seamlessly integrates with ZenUI on ASUS smartphones, letting users enjoy wearable-optimized versions of exclusive ASUS ZenUI apps such as What’s Next and Do It Later. ASUS ZenUI What’s Next is an intelligent schedule manager that displays the next important task or event such as appointments—including time and location changes, as well as cancellations—weather updates, and birthday and anniversary reminders for important contacts.

ASUS ZenUI Do It Later reminds users of items on their to-do list at just the right time. New email, text message, and missed call notifications are all seamlessly integrated with Do It Later, so users can create reminders to read and reply to messages, and return calls right from ZenWatch.

Watch Unlock turns ZenWatch into a universal key that lets users quickly unlock their phone or tablet simply by touching the watch face. Watch Unlock provides a balance between security and convenience by helping users protect their personal information, without always having to type a password or PIN into their device.With Tap Tap, users can assign a favorite ZenWatch function that can be triggered simply by double-tapping the watch face.

Remote Camera opens up new photographic opportunities for users by displaying their smartphone’s camera viewfinder remotely on ZenWatch. This frees them to take photos from creative angles where the viewfinder would be difficult to see, such as when holding the phone overhead at a concert or other crowded event. Remote Camera is also useful for group photos, letting the photographer compose the photo, release the shutter, and check the final result while being included in the shot.

Cover to Mute lets users easily mute an incoming call by placing their hand over the face of ZenWatch, helping them avoid situations where a ringtone would disturb others. Cover to Mute can also be used to silence alarms.Find My Phone helps users find their phone when it is misplaced by ringing it remotely. Alternatively, ASUS ZenWatch Manager on the smartphone can be used to find a misplaced ZenWatch by making it vibrate and flash.

Presentation Control enables ZenWatch to be used as a remote control and time manager when giving a business presentation or lecture. Users can move between slides, keep track of their progress, and keep an eye on the elapsed time all from ZenWatch, helping them to give polished, effective presentations.

Comfortable to wear everywhere and built with sophisticated sensors, ASUS ZenWatch is afull-featuredwellness manager that helps users maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Using the built-in bio sensor, ZenWatch measures relaxation levels, and then provides users with an easy-to-understand relaxationscore based on the results. Depending on the score, ZenWatch provides useful short tips on how to increase relaxation and reduce stress to improve wellness. Relaxationscores are recorded in the ASUS ZenUI Wellness app, so users can track their relaxationlevels over time.

While users wear ZenWatch throughout the day, the Wellness app generates a combination of stats including steps taken, calories burned, activity duration, heart rate, exercise intensity and relaxation level. The stats are presented as an informative timeline and weekly summary view that lets users know at a glance how active their lifestyle is.

Users can set activity goals—such as a target number of steps to take in a day—and then monitor these goals on ZenWatch as well as in the Wellness app. The summaries include attractive graphs that are easy to interpret and analyze, and can be used to progress towards future fitness goals.

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