Best method to remove the burden of increasing password reset complaints

26th December 2013 | By Mouseworld Now Correspondent | 1 Comment
By Steve Smith

By Steve Smith

Password policies are created in an organization to strengthen the security; however, the situation turns turtle when the complaints to reset the password consume much of the time and resources of the IT helpdesk staff. Suppose an organization has implemented some ideal password policies such as the password will be expired after specific number of days, no recent passwords should be used during the reset, an account will be locked out after the specified number of failed logon attempts, etc. In turn, the IT staff would receive a heavy number of calls either to unlock the account or to reset the password as the users had forgotten their correct password and/ortheir account had been locked because of unsuccessful logon attempts. Such a huge number of complaints just for password reset or account unlock can create a bottleneck for the IT staff and thus refrain them from focusing on the other important issues like tracking intrusion detection or encountering the hacker’s attempt.


If you’re also facing any such situation then you are at the best place as we’re discussing about the best remedy to remove the excessive burden of password reset and account lockout complaints. None other than Web-based self-service password reset tools about which we’re talking. Such tools come handy and serve their purpose in allowing the employees to deal with their user account themselves, thus saving the IT staff from giving heed to such explosive number of complaints. Equipped with some authentication features like security question, verification email/SMS, or biometric confirmation, the tools can save themselves from unauthorized access.

Consider a situation that a hacker had attacked an organization with brute force algorithm combined with a dictionary and successfully reset the passwords of 60 percent users altogether within just two hours. In the absence of a Web-based self-service password reset tool, the IT staff had to devote their precious time just to reset the passwords of the affected users instead of paying attention to analyze the sole cause of the issue. They would event don’t think a simple question what had caused the password reset on such a large scale as they’re facing their busiest moment ever in order to resetting the passwords and notifying the users manually. Hackers, in the meanwhile, can proceed further with their different actions. The presence of an automated tool not only helped the users to change their passwords and accessing their account but the IT department will also have plenty of time to analyze exactly what has caused the unauthorized password resets.

The ideal self-service password reset tool should be accessed similarly across the organization inside or outside the premises whatever. The software should be intelligent enough to gather the details from the domain’sActive Directory automatically like first name, last name, email address, and contact numbers, etc. It should have an option for Administrators to invite all or the selected users to enroll for the self-service. Using such a Web-based self-service tool, the enrolled users can themselves unlock their account or reset their password without contacting the helpdesk. On the other side, IT administrators should receive the periodic reports and alerts regarding the usage of self-service tool like who’ve changed the passwords using, who’ve updated their account information, and who’ve unlocked their account, etc.

Your search for any such tool can come to an end with the tools like Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) or others. Such Web-based Self-service password reset toolsare quite easy to use and implement in any domain. After the installation, they will scan the Active Directory and collects the general, name and contact attributes of the active users. The users can easily access any such tool available in their domain through a uniform URL from any system in order to reset their passwords, update their information, or unlock their account.

Author Bio – Steve Smith is a technical writer. He writes on topics based upon network and server management related issues. He has written many articles in past on active directory, file servers and exchange server management and auditing.


(The ideas and opinions expressed in the article are those of the author and doesn’t reflect that of ours. Mouseworld Now doesn’t take responsibility for any of the views expressed in the article).

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Andrew Camary Says:
December 27th, 2013 at 1:02 pm

Nice article !
This is really a very panic situation for administrators who usually receives approx 30 to 40 percent calls and tickets on daily basis for password resetting or account unlocking queries which makes them so rushy an irritated. Though they try their best to resolve all that queries with full efforts but due to number of tickets raised by end-users sometimes keeps them under enormous pressure.
But by using such ideal self-service password reset tools (i.e., Lepide Active Directory Self Service), they can provide the access to end-users for resetting their password or unlocking accounts by self which will definitely help them to remove extra burdens from such concerns and enhance their working efficiency in hectic schedule. They can establish the identity of the end-user, which helps them to reduce the risk of fraudulent requests for password resetting. Even, they can save a significant amount of time while accomplishing other vital tasks within the same time.

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